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Basic Marksmanship

This class is designed for the new firearms owner as well as the experienced firearms owner who wants to brush up on basic marksmanship fundamentals.  This class will instill the Safety First Mindset that every gun owner should live by.

Prerequisites:  None

This is a one day class that is split into two sections:

The Lecture:  This portion of the class is designed to first teach general firearms safety.  The lecture portion also covers the basic marksmanship fundamentals that include the grip, the stance, sight picture, sight alignment, the draw or presentation and trigger manipulation.

The Range:  This portion of the class is a practical hands-on approach to marksmanship fundamentals, teaching the student how to safely and accurately draw and fire a handgun.  Techniques to reduce "anticipating the recoil", which is common in new shooters and even affects seasoned shooters as well.

The Basic Marksmanship Class is a must for anyone who wants to learn general firearms safety and how to accurately fire a handgun.  If you are an experienced handgun owner and are having trouble with accuracy, this class will help you get the basics down and improve your accuracy.

Students may bring their own handguns, or may rent a handgun from KEY's Gun Shop for a nominal fee.

Required Equipment:
200 Rounds of Ammunition
Hearing Protection
Eye Protection

$100.00 (includes range fees)
A signed Liability Waiver is REQUIRED prior to participation in this class.